Friday, January 22, 2016

Is there a winter delay today?

Do you have a winter weather communication plan?

Winter weather can make us cancel events, close shop, or delay start times. What is your plan to keep employees or members of your organization up to date?

The circumstances of the person receiving your message can vary greatly based on their location, time of day, communication device that they are using, and their communication habits. So a good plan uses as many channels of communication as possible. Here's a list of popular communication channels that are used to spread the word when notifications are needed:

  • text message
  • email
  • social media
  • hotline
  • website
  • radio / tv

What are your top three ways you'd like to get a timely notification?

Do you know how easy it is to send a text messages to a large group, like all of your employees or members or your organization? SendTree makes the best online tools for sending out a simple text to a bunch of people. You use our online tool to compose a message, click "send", and we'll take care of the delivery:

mobile screenshot: sending 54 employees a message

So, who gets your messages? We make it easy for people to opt-in to receive your text messages. We'll give you a local phone number and you simply tell your people to text the word 'JOIN' to that number. When you send out your text message, it will come from that phone number. Or if you want to get fancy, you can have them text another KEYWORD of your choice to 434343. We can help you do that too.

What about social media? Email?

SendTree can also post your message to your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Just check the appropriate boxes when you compose your message:

post your message on social media too

You can reach people via email too. Just add their email contact in the contact manager. Perhaps you already have an emergency "all-hands" email set up for your whole organization. You can use whatever email address(es) you'd like and just add it to the contact list:

How about a hotline?

Want a "hotline" message that people can call in to check? Remember that local number we gave you? You can setup that number to play a recorded message when people call, kinda like an answering machine. And you can change the recording whenever you want. Setting it up looks something like this:

How about a Radio/TV spot?

Sorry. SendTree can't help you here. Yet. :-)

But my business can't afford fancy tools like this!

Actually, texting has become very affordable. How much are you sending out? If you're sending out thousands of texts, then our $39/month Pro plan is probably the best fit. But if you're trying to reach less than 250 people, then SendTree Lite at $9/month will get you going. Checkout our pricing plans in more detail:

Is text really what people want?

We think so. Nearly everyone has a mobile device in their pocket nowadays. And what activity do they do most? Look at what Pew Research found:

More and more, people seem to be expecting texts from the world they live in. SendTree can provide your organization the tools to reach them.

Psst. Want a deal?

SendTree has a self-guided demo you can try out. For those who have tried it out, we're sending them a sweet discount offer sometime in the middle of February. To try the demo, simply text DEMO to 434343 and play around with it.

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