Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Longer text messages for you!

It's a small, big thing.

Your SendTree text messages can now be up to 160 characters long rather than the previous 140 character limit. (Unless you check the box to post to Twitter...)

Yes, we're all well practiced at paring down our messages to the essentials and making information as compact as possible. It doesn't seem like much, but twenty more characters is like a football field sized space just waiting for your utilization!

Why the change?

Because you can optionally have SendTree post your message to Twitter, we limited your message size so that it would fit on Twitter. Twitter is the least common denominator, with a 140 character limit, and that's still the case (today). So all we have done is lift the limit when you are not sharing your message with Twitter. But if you check that box for Twitter posts, then the limit will drop back to 140 characters for that particular message.

What to do with all that extra space?

You can add contact information, or reduce your abbreviations and bring back some punctuation. Or you can tack on "live long & prosper". We're sure you find a way to use it. :-)

Want to try it out now? ...