Monday, June 15, 2015

Text is a Greeting Card

Have you ever received a greeting card? How did you feel about the whole experience of opening it and reading it?

You probably:

  • knew who it was from
  • knew it would be short and sweet
  • smiled or were happy about it
  • opened it first!

Sounds like a text message!

Okay, so not every single text message is received like a greeting card is. But if you're sending text messages to your customers or members, you should consider the greeting card angle. I don't mean Happy Birthday. I mean embrace what a greeting card represents. It represents your relationship with the recipient.

The person who gets your message trusts you. You may just be sending timely information or reminders. Or maybe a special opportunity. But they should be glad to open it, consume it quickly, and feel good about it. In short, texting can be one aspect of the relationship between you and your recipient. When used correctly, tiny messages can make a big difference in that person's relationship with you (in engagement, attitude, happiness, etc.)

Like it or not, technology such as social media and text messaging has changed how we interact with people in our lives; those technologies are participating in our personal relationships right now. You should embrace this fact, move your message to where the people are by including these channels in your communication strategies. And people will be glad to get a "greeting card" from you once in a while.

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