Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tanning Salons: How to Bring the Sunshine Back

Avoid slow workdays and encourage return visits with a mobile strategy 

It’s winter and that means the days are shorter, darker, and a lot colder. For tanning salons, this is the perfect time to continue building a strong customer base. Despite the lack of sunlight, it can be a struggle to retain clients, reduce no-shows, and keep day-to-day business busy. You’ll want to build a list of loyal clients as soon as possible. How can you do this quickly while on a budget?  

Bring business to your tanning salon by engaging people on their phones

Eliminate those slow-days and one-time customers with SendTree, a group mobile messaging service that allows you to engage your clients with text message communication. 

By contacting your customers with text, you can directly engage clients – reminding them of sales, special events, and promotions. As clients visit the salon, you can invite them to opt-in and start receiving special deals on their mobile devices.

SendTree works for all wireless carriers and devices. That means your messages will reach customers no matter what network, cell phone, or smartphone they use. 

Engage customers with mobile coupons, special sales, and reminders

Retain clients by rewarding them for signing-up:
          - Share mobile coupons that advertise 10% off, 20 % off, etc. in your message 
          - Send special sales notices for VIP customers 
          - Make an offer pop and increase foot traffic by including timely details, like  
            "today only" or "for the next hour only" 
          - Notify patrons when you'll be closed for bad weather or holidays 

Seamless social media integration with SendTree  

With a mobile marketing strategy you can reach out to your customers by sending text messages to their cell phones. Your SendTree account can also be synced up with your Facebook and Twitter, so all your text messages appear on your social media pages too. 

There are lots of benefits to using SendTree as a mobile marketing platform. Start now by clicking the link below. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On My Honor

As the Troop Leader you know regular attendance of meetings is necessary for the benefit of the Scouts. But if parents forget or aren’t motivated to attend, you don’t feel like you’re doing your job as Scout Leader. Why not directly encourage parents to attend meetings with a group text messaging service?

If you've got something to say - say it in a text. 

The next time you take the Scouts on a camping trip you could use SendTree to deliver specific group text messages to your different contact lists. 
  1. Text Parents letting them know the Troop has arrived safely at the campsite. 
  2. Remind Scouts to stay with their assigned buddy while they participate in camp activities
  3. Notify volunteers so they know all the details of the daily activities. 

>> Start using SendTree with your Troop: 
  • Improve event organization
  • Increase parent engagement
  • Coordinate volunteers and chaperons
  • Share logistical information
  • Remind everyone about meeting times and locations
  • Alert parents of weather advisories
  • Arrange carpools for meetings   
  • Show appreciate to volunteers


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Colleges: Plug Into Clubs

Recent research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities may increase students' sense of engagement or attachment to their school, and thereby decrease the likelihood of school failure and dropping out. 

Text message communication is one method college clubs can use to connect with student members.

SendTree allows university clubs to send one group text message to all of their students members. By investing in a technology that directly engages students on their mobile phones, university clubs can provide different types of support for their members.


Text Important News to Students: 

  • Reminders - scheduling dates, meetings, & activities
  • Campus events - Social, cultural, and educational campus activities geared toward members
  • Attendance - use SendTree to gain more participation and attendance (no more out of sight out of mind!)
  • Off-campus- notify students via email and text about off-campus opportunities

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

4-H: How You Can Make the Best Better

While technology simplifies many aspects of our lives, it has also changed the way we interact with the world. We are a society that constantly shares information – particularly by sending and receiving messages on our cell phones. Many service clubs understand the benefit of uniting their organization with a website and social media – but few have recognized the advantages of group text.

How can adding SendTree’s group text messaging service benefit your 4-H Club
Instead of sending individual text messages to every person in your group (a tedious and expensive route) you can broadcast messages to as many people as you'd like. SendTree text messaging makes it easy for you to send one message to an entire group. Just login, type your message, and click send. 

Share Your 4-H Pride with Your Members

Routine updates, meeting reminders, and announcements are just a few examples of the type of text messages that will keep every member up-to-date on club happenings. Consider these ways to keep members informed and engaged: 
  • Notify 4-H members of upcoming events and meetings
  • Welcome new members
  • Motivate volunteers with an inspirational text message
  • Remind members of duties and responsibilities between meetings
  • Update members of fundraising events
  • Share results of community outreach programs
  • Recognize the contributions and efforts of participants
  • Share meeting minutes for anyone who couldn’t attend a meeting  
  • Alert members of volunteer opportunities 
  • Organize conventions with pre-schedule messages


Broadcast on a Budget

SendTree makes it easy for your 4-H Club members to become and stay engaged. Supply your club members with mobile messaging and see how they engage in a whole new way. The possibilities are endless with group text, and SendTree’s affordable pricing makes this service all the more valuable.

Learn more about SendTree or start a FREE 30-day trial on our website >>