Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Surviving the Storm

Do you live in Boston or an area with unpredictable weather? Stay connected through winter blizzards even when your plans have to be canceled at the last minute.

Does your business, organization, or club need a way to share weather related news with your customers, employees, students, or other group members?

SendTree is one quick and inexpensive way to connect with every person in your group. When weather forces you to cancel a meeting or event, send one bulk text message (aka SMS communication) to notify all your contacts. 

 texting for businesses

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Whether it’s a blizzard, thunderstorm, extreme heat, or just a power outage, now you can tell the people who matter most to your organization about weather related cancellations or delays.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Think Spring. Think Soccer.

Yes, it's Winter. And the next season is Soccer.

How are you planning to communicate between players, coaches, and staff? Have you considered leveraging the power of text messaging? It is super cheap, quick and easy to do, and has a very effective read rate.

SendTree makes it easy for someone to send text messages to large groups of people.

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You can even put your contacts into groups. You could:

  • send a message to all coaches and key staff
  • send reminders to players and parents
  • send timely information to everyone, all groups

And creating a contact list is easy. Just tell people to text the word 'JOIN' to a phone number that SendTree gives you. (And by the way, that number is a local number, and is exclusively yours.)

Start planning

If you are involved with soccer, now is the time for organization and planning. Now is the time to consider text messaging to augment your communications. Come springtime, SendTree would love to be on the field with you. :-)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Got Faith? Group Texting for Religious Organizations

The holidays are a chance for your church members to reconnect with their faith as well as one another. Make sure your congregation feels that sense of connection all year long with the help of SendTree, a Group Text Messaging Service

How does it work? All it takes is the click of a button and you can send text notifications straight to your followers’ cell phones. SendTree even lets you update your Facebook and Twitter pages with the same information. 

Build Strong Bonds with Your Followers 

This year make sure you reach out to the people who matter most to your organization. Keep your staff and volunteers informed of last minute schedule changes or send inspiration devotions to your youth group. 

Use SendTree to Share: 

  • Sermon reminders 
  • Inspiration prayers 
  • Volunteer updates 
  • Scheduling and logistical information 
  • Weather cancellations and delays  

The bottom line: If you’ve got something important to say - say it with SendTree!

You know your congregation will feel connected when they receive a personal text message reminding them of a special event or notifying them of a delay due to bad weather. And text messages have a 95% open rate, so you don't have to worry about people missing your messages.

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