Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SMS Weather Alerts for Your Groups

Do you live in an area where bad weather can wreak havoc on your schedule? If you’re like most Americans, unpredictable weather can force you to cancel your plans at the last minute.

Does your business or organization need a way to share weather related news with your customers, employees, students, or other group members?

SendTree is one way to quickly and inexpensively connect with everyone in your group. When weather forces you to cancel a meeting or event, send one bulk text message (aka SMS communication) to notify all your contacts.

Send text messages straight to your contact’s cell phone

With SendTree, a Group Text Messaging Service, you can tell everyone in your groups—businesses, customers, clubs, teams, staff members, church groups, students, and more—about weather related cancellations and delays.

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And it’s not just for weather alerts, you can use SendTree to share event reminders, announcements, important news, mobile coupons, and anything else you can think of. It’s more efficient than email because anyone with a cell phone can receive text messages, and text messages have a much higher open rate than email.

Sign up now and you'll be prepared for the next polar vortex 

Whether it’s a blizzard, thunderstorm, extreme heat, or just a power outage, now you can tell the people who matter most to your organization about weather related cancellations or delays.

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