Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Text Reminders for Your Yoga Class

Keep Attendance Numbers High All Year Long

Anyone who teaches a fitness class (from yoga and cycling to Pilates instructors) wants to keep attendance numbers high throughout the entire year. With SendTree, a Group Text Messaging Service, you can send text reminders and inspirational messages to everyone in your class.

This New Year make sure no one misses another one of your classes with SendTree. Once you've created an account with SendTree, just invite your class to text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree phone number, and they’ll automatically receive your text messages.   

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SendTree allows you to send:

  • Text reminders (schedules, dates, and times of all your meets)
  • Weather notifications (delays and cancellations)
  • Motivational messages (when people need a little push to make it to class)
  • Other timely class related news (early-bird savings if you pre-register for classes)

Effective and Low Cost Group Texting

This year take advantage of a service that lets you send text reminders and notifications straight to your class’s cell phones. Just log in to your account, type up a quick message, and soon all your contacts will receive the same personalized text message right on their cell phone.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SMS Weather Alerts for Your Groups

Do you live in an area where bad weather can wreak havoc on your schedule? If you’re like most Americans, unpredictable weather can force you to cancel your plans at the last minute.

Does your business or organization need a way to share weather related news with your customers, employees, students, or other group members?

SendTree is one way to quickly and inexpensively connect with everyone in your group. When weather forces you to cancel a meeting or event, send one bulk text message (aka SMS communication) to notify all your contacts.

Send text messages straight to your contact’s cell phone

With SendTree, a Group Text Messaging Service, you can tell everyone in your groups—businesses, customers, clubs, teams, staff members, church groups, students, and more—about weather related cancellations and delays.

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 texting for businesses

And it’s not just for weather alerts, you can use SendTree to share event reminders, announcements, important news, mobile coupons, and anything else you can think of. It’s more efficient than email because anyone with a cell phone can receive text messages, and text messages have a much higher open rate than email.

Sign up now and you'll be prepared for the next polar vortex 

Whether it’s a blizzard, thunderstorm, extreme heat, or just a power outage, now you can tell the people who matter most to your organization about weather related cancellations or delays.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Get Holiday Shoppers to Come Back All Year Round

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, your business is experiencing an increase in sales. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could count on these kinds of sales all year round?

With SendTree, a bulk text messaging service, you can connect with your customers by sending texts straight to their mobile phones. It just takes a few minutes to type up a message and click send. Your messages will appear right in the palm of your customer's hand.

One thing all shoppers love, sales and coupons

As more people are visiting your store or restaurant, this is the perfect time to invite customers to opt-in to join your SendTree list.

Increase returns visits by making it irresistible for customers to not return to your store or restaurant. Share:
  • Mobile coupons
  • Special sales events
  • Weather notices (closed due to snowstorm)
  • Buy one get one free promotions
  • And more!

Mobile coupons – the perfect gift for loyal customers

Text message notifications are a great way to catch busy holiday shoppers on the go. You can schedule messages ahead of time to be delivered anytime, anywhere. Plus, mobile coupons have 10x higher redemption rates than traditional coupons (

Our pro-tip: Tell customers about SendTree during checkout, and offer a discount to anyone who signs up during their in-store visit.

How does SendTree work?

Just advertise your SendTree phone number on signage, receipts, or your store’s website. All your customers need to do is text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree phone number and they’ll automatically be added to your contact list. 

Sign-up with SendTree today to start taking advantage of the year’s busiest retail season. Develop a strong customer base, encourage return visits, and increase foot traffic throughout the year with our group text messaging service. 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bars & Nightclubs: Stop Putting Up with Slow Nights

Your bar’s worst-case scenario: repeat slow nights
It’s the peak hours of the night, but you've got a big problem. Your bar is empty. Where are your customers? Do you have a solution for improving business on sluggish nights? 

If you had SendTree you could connect with your customers right now - reminding people what they love about your bar with a quick text message. 

A new approach to customer engagement: group text messaging  

SendTree is a group text messaging service that allows you to communicate with your customers directly on their mobile phones. SendTree makes it easy for regulars and your website visitors to opt-in to receive your messages. All they have to do is text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree phone number and they're automatically added to your contact list.

Instead of accepting slow nights as a “normal” part of business, now you can quickly and inexpensively reach out to your customers with a text message.

Our pro trip – Make the benefits of joining your SendTree list clear:

  • Share mobile coupons (discounts on drinks, food, or cover fees) 
  • Send special events notifications 
  • Encourage returns visits
  • Remind people of happy-hour deals

Have you heard enough? Ready to start your FREE 30-day trial with SendTree?

Connecting with your target audience
Most of your customers are tech-savvy 18-30 year olds who stay connected with the world through their mobile phone. The fastest, most efficient way to connect with this generation is by sending text messages straight to their mobile phones.

Want to connect with this age group? Statistics say text is the way to go >>

The bottom line – Make sure your marketing strategy matches the habits of your customers. With more people than ever now owning a cell phone – SendTree can inexpensively take your business to the next level of customer engagement.