Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Your Sales are 17 Minutes Away

Who are the people most likely to walk-in to your business today and make a purchase? According to BrightLocal's survey, chances are that the majority of your customers live within 15-20 miles of your business (Screenwerk). That equates to around a 17 minute drive.

How does this change the way you market to your target audience?

Whatever the size of your business, you don’t want to waste time and money marketing to a group that already considers you too far to travel to.  

Instead of wasting money on expensive newspaper ads or radio commercials (that may or may not reach your target audience), you could use SendTree, a group text messaging service, to connect with customers.


Use a mobile approach to reach your customers anytime, anywhere

SendTree is a group text messaging service that lets you send text messages straight to your customers’ mobile phones. When you sign-up with SendTree we provide you with your own personal SendTree phone number. Your patrons can just text “JOIN” to your SendTree list number to start receiving your text messages. Imagine how a text messaging campaign can increase return visits and build a strong customer base for your business.

Our Pro Tip – Make it clear what the benefits are for joining your contact list:
  • Mobile coupons
  • Special events notifications
  • VIP sales notices

Still wondering how this all works? 

With SendTree you can write one message and send it to everyone on your contact list with the push of a button. It's easy to use and much cheaper than traditional advertising strategies. Plus text messages have a 95% open rate. Interested in giving SendTree a try? Click below to start your FREE 30-day trial. 


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