Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Get More Customers To Your Grocery Store

What’s one way to entice more customers to shop at your grocery store? Coupons are great for increasing sales, but in our high-tech world you’ll want to reach customers in the spaces they frequent most. Today, that space is mobile. With group text messaging your business can send mobile coupons to customers anytime, anywhere. 

Easy and Cheap Marketing

A recent report by Nielsen, a global consumer analytics company, found that mobile coupons are most frequently redeemed at grocery stores. The great thing about SendTree, an inexpensive group text messaging service, is that you don’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer to get people to notice your ads. Text notifications are a simple, straightforward way to alert customers of deals. 

Any organization can benefit from sharing information via text.

Help Customers to Opt-In:

So how can you get your SendTree phone number into the hands of your customers? Your patrons can opt-in to receive news by texting "JOIN" to your SendTree phone number. We also recommend taking a more direct approach by: 
  • Listing SendTree information on the back of sales receipts telling customers to sign up to receive information about store promotions, sales and new arrivals.
  • During checkout, ask customers if they would like to receive 15 percent off their next purchase for joining SendTree.
  • Creating exclusive in-store or online events and offers such as after-hours preview parties or meet-and-greets with special guests only for SendTree participants to encourage users not to opt out.

Make Sure Your Voice is Heard   

Relying on traditional marketing tactics (like paper, commercial, and radio ads) are not only costly, but there is no guarantee your target audience will hear or see these advertisements. Sharing group texts with SendTree allows you to send alerts and notifications straight to your customers' cell phone. 

Still curious about what SendTree can do for you? 
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