Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Way to Target Customers

What does it take to build a solid customer base in today’s high-tech world? 

For many business owners, it probably feels like between Facebook and Twitter you’ve got your bases covered. But reaching customers is about more than just a weekly website update. It’s about creating a connection.

SendTree, a group text messaging service, gives your business a new way to reach out to customers. By using SendTree, you can send personalized text messages, alerts, and notifications straight to people’s cell phones.
Meaghan Fitzgerald, the chief marketing officer of 23snaps, explains in Ritika Puri’s article, Three ways brick-and-mortar can leverage mobile, why it makes sense to implement a mobile platform into your business style:

“Mobile is a particularly powerful channel because it gives you real-time access to your customers, wherever they are ― in your store, or elsewhere.”

Most importantly, group text messaging is a direct way to encourage people to visit your store. You can share mobile coupons, sales announcements, and event notifications with just the push of a button.  

Humans are social creatures. This basic instinct has influenced the way we communicate with each other. It’s why people love text messaging, and the major explanation for why we continue to rely on text messaging to connect with the outside world. Texting is simple, fast, and convenient - why not use this logic to increase your marketing voice? 

Your customers see hundreds of advertisements everyday, so how can you make sure you’re staying connected with your audience? The trick to being heard has always been to meet your audience in the spaces they frequent most. Today, it’s no secret that space is mobile. 

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