Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Want to Live Healthier? Try England's Approach to Public Health

The city council in Staffordshire, England is using an affordable bulk text message service to reach out to its obese residents. According to Ross Brooks’ article, Text Message System Can Help People Lose Weight, approximately 70,000 adults living in the city are classified as obese. By using motivational text messages reminding people to “walk more” and “eat veggies and fruits,” the cabinet members believe the project will encourage change and save the city money. The project will last 10 weeks and 500 of the city’s residents will receive supportive texts daily on their mobile phones.

Connect Your Community with Text

SendTree is a service available in the U.S. than offers a similar support system. With group text messaging many organizations can accomplish the same goals as the city of Staffordshire:

  • weight-loss centers
  • community groups
  • fitness clubs
  • community workshop organizers 
  • public health initiatives

Messages can even be scheduled beforehand to be delivered at a specific time and date >>

Same Rules, New Player 

Eating right, regular exercise, and staying positive are the staples of a healthy lifestyle, but sticking to a routine is a lot easier with a support network. With SendTree encouraging words and reminders can be sent to any cell phone in the form of a text message. By utilizing a service like SendTree, your community can take a step toward a healthier tomorrow. 

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