Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Power of Reviews for Your Business

How are reviews helping or hurting your business? A Nielsen article, For U.S. Consumers Different Stores Mean Different Smartphone Shopping Behavior, found that people’s shopping habits are changing because of smartphones. Consumers are relying on reviews to direct them to the stores and products that will meet or beat their expectations. Nielsen reported high rates of smartphone usage for the following stores:

At electronics stores, the vast majority of smartphone shoppers read reviews (73%), compare prices with other retail outlets (71%) and scan QR codes to get more product details (57%).

Reviews are becoming a go-to guide for shoppers, neatly packaged on the screen of a smartphone, but what about the other 42% of American adults who don’t own smartphones (Pew Internet Research Project)? 

How can your business bring this ubiquitous, straight to screen experience to everyone? The answer is to directly reach out to customers with group text messaging.

A New Approach to Marketing

The beautiful thing about relying on a mobile platform to broadcast your business is the guarantee. There are few marketing campaigns that can ensure advertisements will be seen or heard by your target audience. Unlike traditional advertising (print, online, or radio), text messages reach the consumer anytime, anywhere. Text messages have a 98% read rate (Small Business Trends) and can be viewed on any cell phone or smartphone.  

What’s the difference between cell phones and smartphones?

Conversations Direct to Screen  

The mobile approach is a direct way to reach your audience because your messages are sent straight to your customer’s cell phone. By using SendTree, a group messaging service, you can broadcast all your important messages. SendTree's bulk text messaging service makes sharing news and notifications simple: 
  • Share mobile coupons 
  • Remind customers of why they love shopping with you
  • Get the permission of review writers and share testimonials via text 
  • Notify customers of special sales events
  • Alert customers when your store will be closed because of bad weather 
  • Contact customers during crucial times when they are likely to be out shopping

How SendTree Works for You

To keep customers in the loop on great deals you’ll want to stay connected and develop some regular rapport. The best way to do this is with SendTree’s mobile messaging service. Just encourage customers to text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree number to receive regular updates and notifications about your floor-sales, discounts, and special events.

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