Friday, September 26, 2014

Lions Clubs: Deliver News into Your Audience’s Hands

While technology simplifies many aspects of our lives, it has also changed the way we interact with the world. We are a society that constantly shares information – particularly by sending and receiving messages on our cell phones. Many service clubs understand the benefit of uniting their organization with a website and social media – but few have recognized the advantages of group text.

How can adding SendTree’s group text messaging service benefit your Lions Club? 

Instead of sending individual text messages to every person in your group (a tedious and expensive route) you can broadcast messages to as many people as you'd like. SendTree text messaging makes it easy for you to send one message to an entire group. Just login, type your message, and click send. 

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Share Your Pride with Your Lions

Routine updates, meeting reminders, and announcements are just a few examples of the type of text messages that will keep every member up-to-date on club happenings. Consider these ways to keep members informed and engaged: 
  • Notify Lions members of upcoming events and meetings
  • Welcome new members
  • Motivate volunteers with an inspirational text message
  • Remind members of duties and responsibilities between meetings
  • Update members of fundraising events
  • Share results of community outreach programs
  • Recognize the contributions and efforts of participants
  • Share meeting minutes for anyone who couldn’t attend a meeting  
  • Alert members of volunteer opportunities 
  • Organize conventions with pre-schedule messages

Broadcast on a Budget

SendTree makes it easy for your Lions Club members to become and stay engaged. Create separate SendTree lists to target volunteers or staff. Supply your youth groups with mobile messaging and see how they engage in a whole new way. The possibilities are endless with group text, and SendTree’s affordable pricing makes this service all the more valuable.

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