Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Does it Take to Run a Successful Kiwanis Club?

What makes a service club a successful service club? It's the people who support it, of course!

It’s the hardworking staff, volunteers, and dedicated individuals who want to stimulate real change in the community – they make up the foundation of your organization. If your Kiwanis club doesn't have the full support of its members, it can become difficult to achieve your club’s goals.

Motivation in the form of a mobile message

You probably never thought to use text messaging to help your organization even though most adults send and receive over 40 text messages a day (Pew Internet Research Center). People like text messaging because it’s a fast, convenient way to instantly communicate with someone. Why not use this same logic to help your organization?

A group text messaging service - like SendTree - is a simple, inexpensive way to share important news with everyone in your Kiwanis club. Motivate, inspire, mobilize, remind, and encourage positive change by reaching your volunteers on their cell phones. 

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How can your Kiwanis clubs benefit?

Routine updates, meeting reminders, and announcements are just a few examples of the type of text messages that will keep every member up-to-date on club happenings. Consider these ways to keep members informed and engaged: 
  • Notify Kiwanis members of upcoming events and meetings
  • Welcome new members
  • Motivate volunteers with an inspirational text message
  • Remind members of duties and responsibilities between meetings
  • Update members of fundraising events
  • Share results of community outreach programs
  • Recognize the contributions and efforts of participants
  • Share meeting minutes for anyone who couldn’t attend a meeting  
  • Alert members of volunteer opportunities 

Sharing is caring

In today’s day and age text is king. People rely on their mobile phones to stay connected with one another. Text messaging is one of the fastest, most widely used tools to instantly communicate while on the go. 

With SendTree you can manage the flow of information so everyone in your club gets the same info at the same time – even sync up the texts to automatically appear on your group’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You can instantly send a text message to a group of contacts while also keeping your social media pages updated! 

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