Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Need to Increase Meeting Attendance?

As Troop Leader you know regular attendance of meetings is necessary for the benefit of the Scouts. But if parents forget or aren’t motivated to attend, you don’t feel like you’re doing your job as Scout Leader. Why not directly encourage parents to attend meetings with a group text messaging service?

People like text message communication because it makes them feel instantly connected to a conversation. A group text messaging service would be a simple, inexpensive way to engage parents and scouts on their mobile phones. You can even sync-up your texts to appear on your Troop’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

If you've got something to say - say it in a text. 

The next time you take the Scouts on a camping trip you could use SendTree to deliver specific group text messages to your different contact lists. 
  1. Text Parents letting them know the Troop has arrived safely at the campsite. 
  2. Remind Scouts to stay with their assigned buddy while they participate in camp activities
  3. Notify volunteers so they know all the details of the daily activities. 

>> Start using SendTree with your Troop: 
  • Improve event organization
  • Increase parent engagement
  • Coordinate volunteers and chaperons
  • Share logistical information
  • Remind everyone about meeting times and locations
  • Alert parents of weather advisories
  • Arrange carpools for meetings   
  • Show appreciate to volunteers 

Mobile phones have taken an important role in our lives – cell phones have become a device people can depend on. We expect to be able to reach someone on their cell phone and they rely on our phones to help us stay connected. In fact, the psychology of text messaging has been explored in one of our early posts. Read about it by clicking below! 

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