Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reasons People Leave Their Church

Why People Leave the Church is an article by Bill Smalt that outlines the five most common reasons people leave their church. But what was the major problem that linked all these reasons together? People leave when they don’t feel connected to their church.  

Staying Connected is Important
As Smalt writes, “People often leave a church when they never really ‘connect’ to the vision and direction of that particular church” (Ministry Today). Regular communication via text creates a bond between your church and its members.  

While it’s inevitable that some folks will leave your organization, the chief complaint of church-goers today is a marked lack of communication. Whether you’re a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple one aspect remains constant – your members are your family. Help your family stay up to date on relevant news and upcoming events by sharing the details in a quick group text message.

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Are You Making This Little Mistake? When people first join a congregation, many churches neglect taking an extra step to establish roots with new members. Smalt points out that, “Without roots, people ‘tumble in’ when they want, and then ‘tumble out’ when they want--usually taking others with them” (Ministry Today).

Immediately Make New Members Feel Connected
Make it a routine to ask any new member to opt-in to your group text messaging service. Utilizing a mobile messaging channel allows you to send important news, updates, weather alerts, inspirational messages, event reminders, logistical information, and more in the form of a text message!

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