Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Girl Scouts Troop’s Guide to Group Text Messaging

It wasn’t long ago that the Girl Scouts of America were using text message notifications to make the world a better place. In 2012 Girl Scouts were receiving weekly text messages reminding them to “think-green” while on the go (Fishbach, Mobile Commons).

Today, text messaging can do so much more for your troop. Text reminders about meetings, cookie-delivery notifications, and motivational messages are just a few examples of how troops can use group text messaging. 

Just have your Girl Scout Troop Leader sign-up to a free 30-day trial with SendTree and within minutes begin compiling a list of contacts. We recommend the Troop Leader create separate contact lists for the parents, girl scouts, and customers who purchase cookies from your troop! Chances are you'll have different types of messages to share with different lists. 

List 1: Parents
  • Send reminders to parents about meeting times and locations
  • Instantly alert parents when a meet has been canceled due to bad weather or other emergency
  • Notify parents when cookies arrive so they can swing by and pick up their boxes to start deliveries!

List 2: Cookie Customers
  • Cookie Alerts – Just like with parents you can send a group text message that informs customers they’ll be receiving their cookies soon!
  • Leads List - Use this list of contacts in the future to reach out to the same customers who bought from your troop the previous year. A simple message such as, “It’s that time of year and our troop will be selling cookies again!" or "Thank you for supporting the Girl Scouts of America with your purchase!”
Helpful Tip: How can you make engaging customers easier for you? Just ask them to opt-in to receive your troop's notifications! All they have to do is text JOIN to [Your SendTree Phone Number] to instantly opt-in! 

List 3: Girl Scouts
According to the Pew Internet Research Project, kids are getting their first cell phone between the ages of 12 and 13 (Pew Research Center). Based on this statistic it’s not unreasonable to assume you’ll be sending group text messages to the girls in your troop too. 
  • Remind girls of weekly meetings along with their parents to ensure everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when
  • Send a text to inspire girls to make good choices as they go about their daily routines
  • Share important texts anytime, anywhere –whether your troop is camping, engaged in a community project, or out on an educational trip.

There are so many ways your troop can benefit by using a group text messaging service, like SendTree. If you’re still interested in learning more about how SendTree works we recommend reading more here >>

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reasons People Leave Their Church

Why People Leave the Church is an article by Bill Smalt that outlines the five most common reasons people leave their church. But what was the major problem that linked all these reasons together? People leave when they don’t feel connected to their church.  

Staying Connected is Important
As Smalt writes, “People often leave a church when they never really ‘connect’ to the vision and direction of that particular church” (Ministry Today). Regular communication via text creates a bond between your church and its members.  

While it’s inevitable that some folks will leave your organization, the chief complaint of church-goers today is a marked lack of communication. Whether you’re a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple one aspect remains constant – your members are your family. Help your family stay up to date on relevant news and upcoming events by sharing the details in a quick group text message.

With SendTree you can unite EVERYONE in you church with a single text message >>

Are You Making This Little Mistake? When people first join a congregation, many churches neglect taking an extra step to establish roots with new members. Smalt points out that, “Without roots, people ‘tumble in’ when they want, and then ‘tumble out’ when they want--usually taking others with them” (Ministry Today).

Immediately Make New Members Feel Connected
Make it a routine to ask any new member to opt-in to your group text messaging service. Utilizing a mobile messaging channel allows you to send important news, updates, weather alerts, inspirational messages, event reminders, logistical information, and more in the form of a text message!

Here at SendTree we want you to stay connected with your members and our text messaging service will help you do just that! 

Learn more by downloading our FREE SendTree 101 Guide >>

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Can You Unify Your Club Members? Text Can Help You Connect!

If you’re a member of an Optimist Club, you’re dedicated to bringing about positive change in children’s lives. But “Bringing Out the Best in Kids” can take a lot of work and coordination. This is especially true considering that Optimists Clubs have organized over 65,000 service projects and helped over 6 million young people worldwide. 
Is your Optimist Club doing everything it can to efficiently and effectively achieve its goals? 

Today, one of the fastest ways to reach someone is with a quick text message. If your Club is not yet using a group text messaging service – like SendTree – chances are you’re missing out on an opportunity to instantly connect with your Club’s volunteers. SendTree allows you to send important text messages with one click from one place.

SendTree: Unite Your Members Through Text

A lot of what Optimists Clubs do involves organizing service projects in their communities. Let SendTree help you unify your members quickly with a simple text message:

  • Notify Optimists of upcoming events and meetings
  • Welcome new members
  • Motivate volunteers with an inspirational text message
  • Remind members of duties and responsibilities between meetings
  • Update members of fundraising events
  • Share results of community outreach programs
  • Recognize the contributions and efforts of participants
  • Alert members of volunteer opportunities 

Remember: It’s your mission to do all you can to help kids. The best way to perform service projects is to make sure all your volunteers and club members are kept up to date on the details of the next community outreach project. Regular communication among club members is an essential part of any well-managed Optimists Club. Use SendTree’s group text messaging feature to share your Club’s upcoming meeting and projects.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Build Your Contact List with Opt-Ins

Why add text messaging to your marketing approach?

When it comes to daily communication there is one technology people rely on to stay connected with one another. In today’s world, text messaging is not only a popular way for people to stay in touch; it's also a direct way for you to communicate with your target audience. 

In a recent study posted by BigThink, 60% of people worldwide are regularly using text to communicate

In addition, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. That’s a huge portion of people who are actively engaged in the content they are receiving (Forbes).

With SendTree your business or organization can also take place in this thriving conversation. Whatever audience you are trying to reach,SendTree lets you send a group text message, with one click from one place.

Interested in giving SendTree a try? Click below to start your FREE 30-day trial...
...or keep scrolling to learn more about how to build a strong contact list >>

So how do you get more people to opt-in to join your contact list?

Here are a few ways you can make your SendTree number available to more people: 

  • Online/Social Media – Use your Facebook, Twitter, and Google + pages to advertise your number. All it takes is a quick post: Text JOIN to [Your SendTree Phone Number] to instantly opt-in today! And don't forget to tell people why they'll benefit for signing up >>
    • Did you know? You can sync up your SendTree account with your Facebook and Twitter pages so your text messages automatically appear on your social media pages. It's a great way to combine social media and text without making more work for yourself.  
  • Leave a Paper Trail – We’re talking about menus, tabletops, signage, QR codes, sign-up forms, and the backs of receipts. They’re all great places to make your SendTree number available to new and returning customers.

  • Face-to-Face – You might be a business or organization that meets clients on a more personal level. Schools, rotary clubs, and not-for-profits are just a few organizations that connect on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes the best way to tell people about your SendTree number is to tell them during checkout, a conference, meeting, or any other get-together.

Want more details on how to reach out to your target audiences? 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Businesses: Why Text is Important in 2014

You’re a business owner and you’ve just received news that large crowds will be gathering near your establishment to attend a local event. You'll want to immediately invite these potential customers to opt-in and recieve your text message notifications. 
Q: What’s the benefit of communicating with customers through text?
A: Text communication is an inexpensive tool businesses can use to reach customers anytime, anywhere.

Why use text? 

Bottom line, text is a great way to interact with customers and clients.
  • Advertise sales and special discounts 
  • Increase traffic to your location 
  • Instantly remind patrons of special events 
  • An inexpensive tool to directly communicate with your customers

SendTree works in harmony with your other social media sites. With just the click of a button you’ll be able to update your Facebook and Twitter pages with the information in your text message. Customers just need to opt into the group text-message service with their mobile phone number.

The Bottom Line

Text is a game changer for businesses looking for a fast, straightforward way to engage customers, drive sales, and reward loyal patrons. Start sending messages in minutes with SendTree's FREE 30-day trial!