Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Need to Stand Out From the Competition? SendTree Can Help!

What other food in the U.S. is as popular as pizza? It’s one of those dishes that practically sells itself. Being one of America’s most loved dishes means there’s plenty of competition among pizza restaurants. For some entrepreneurs, it can start to feel like your voice is being drowned out by rival pizzerias. So what can you do differently to stand out from the competition?

The key to success will likely involve a good marketing plan. So how can you be sure your marketing message is being heard over the hundreds of other ads your customers encounter daily?

Marketing Solution: SendTree’s Group Text Messaging Service

SendTree helps all types of organizations stay connected with their audience with a feature known as a group text messaging service. All it takes is a few minutes at your computer and you can send text notifications, alerts, and news to all of your contacts in the form of a text message.

Having a strong message in mind is one of the most important rules of text message communication. For pizzerias, you could use text to do any of the following:

Text Notifications Examples

  • Mobile coupons to notify customers when you’re offering discounts 
    • What’s the best part of using SendTree in a moment like this? You don’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer to get people to notice your ads. Text notifications are a simple, straightforward way to alert customers of deals.
  • Special promotion times – like around lunch and dinner.
  • Stay connected with your regulars – if you know them by name, you’ll want to get them added to your contact list ASAP 
  • Menu notifications - According to the #5 tip on the Top10 Tips for Starting a Successful Pizzeria article, pizza restaurants should offer more than just pizza on their menu (Food Service Warehouse). With SendTree, you can instantly tell customers about the other delicious items available at your restaurant.

Don’t let another minute slip by! Start reaching customers on the device they love to check: their mobile phones. For pizza shops, one of the best times to engage your audience is when their tummies start rumbling. Send text messages around lunch and dinnertime to “hook” potential customers before they decide on a place to eat.

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