Monday, May 5, 2014

National Museum Encourages More Visits with SMS Technology

On May 4th Arab News posted an article announcing that The National Museum at the King Abdulaziz Historical Center recently implemented a SMS (short messaging service) to notify members of daily activities and events occurring at the museum.

Jamal bin Saad, director-general of the National Museum, explained why the museum decided to go mobile:

“The launching of the SMS service represents an important step toward raising awareness among members of the public about the museum’s activities and programs.”

Incorporating a group mobile messaging service into the museum’s everyday routine will provide guests with comprehensive information about the museum on their mobile phones. By making information more accessible to the general public the museum hopes to develop a strong rapport between itself and members of society (Arab News, Rashid Hassan).  

In addition to providing comprehensive information to visitors, the museum wants to encourage more people to visit the museum by connecting with them on their mobile devices (Arab News, Rashid Hassan).  

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Hassan, Rashid. "National Museum Begins SMS Service to Boost Programs." Arab News. Arab News, 04 May 2014. Web. 04 May 2014. 

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