Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Empty Bleachers? Fill Them with SendTree

Fans are fuel for sports games. A great way to show you appreciate your fans is by connecting with them on a device that won’t distract them from the game. Using a mobile messaging service, like SendTree, allows coaches and marketing specialists to alert fans of games and events by sending text message reminders straight to their mobile phones.

There are a variety of ways to engage sports fan through text:

  • Announce scores and stats
  • Share game schedules
  • Remind volunteers of logistical information
  • Send alerts about weather delays and notices
  • Ask for support at call-outs and other team related events

Whether you're coaching a small team or trying to market at the national level - text communication is a great way to directly engage fans throughout the season. Make it easier for fans to show their support by getting them involved with informative text notifications. 

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