Thursday, May 29, 2014

Field Trip Coming Up? Manage the Day with SendTree

Whether you're a teacher or the parent of a young child, one thing that kids love hearing is, “we’re going on a field trip.”

For teachers and chaperons, field trips can feel a bit like organized chaos; but with a group text messaging service, like SendTree, that no longer has to be the case.

Teachers can download the SendTree Android App to quickly and effortlessly communicate with chaperons while on the go. (Chaperons don't worry about downloading anything - you just need to share your cell phone number with teacher.)  Now, no matter when a teacher needs to send a bulk text message, all the chaperons and guardians will receive the message directly on their cell phone. 

Added bonus: Teachers can also schedule posts ahead of time from their computer, so the text messages are delivered periodically, throughout the day. 

Within minutes teachers can instantly send a group text message that reminds, notifies, or alerts everyone on their contact list of: 
  • an overview of the day
  • last minute traffic or weather delays
  • pick-up and drop-off schedule to the event
  • lunch or meet-up reminders 
  • reminders about food allergies any student(s) may have 
  • and any other important information that pops up during the day.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Got News To Share? Broadcast it with SendTree

Having a hard time connecting with the people who matter most to your organization amongst all the other messages in today’s high-tech world? For many organizations – large and small – it can be difficult to decide on the best way to reach out to their target audience. 

One characteristic of highly successful organizations is their ability to meet people in the spaces they frequent most. Today that space is mobile.

A group mobile messaging service, like SendTree, makes staying connected with your audience fast because your messages appear on the device people love to check: their mobile phones.

With SendTree you can send text message notification to your contacts anytime, anywhere. Just sit down at your computer (or open up the android app on your phone) and within seconds, send text alerts to everyone on your contact list.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking to Save Time and Money? SMS Technology Saved Farmers Both

Crop loss is a huge problem for farmers in Dharwad, India but thanks to text message notifications supplied by the University of Agricultural Sciences, farmers are now being alerted of possible crop damage before it’s too late.

According to Business Standard’s article, UAS uses SMS to help farmers save crops, this new system relies on SMS technology and is being used to notify farmers so they can prepare fields for inclement weather.

SMS is an acronym for short message service – it’s the component of all cellular phones that enables text message communication. Because SMS technology is built-into all cell phones – it’s the perfect way to stay in contact with people.

Thanks to this technology farmers in Dharwad are reaping the benefits of using mobile communication in their everyday work. This same strategy can be applied to your business or organization. The Pew Research Center reported that as of this year, 90% of all American adults now own a cell phone. Mobile has been, and continues to be one of the most popular ways people choose to stay connected with each other. 

The Bottom Line: SendTree Can Help Your Organization Connect Via Text
Signing up with a group mobile-messaging service like SendTree opens your organization up to new avenues of audience engagement. Instead of waiting to reach your contacts through traditional media you could be directly connecting with them by starting an account with SendTree. All it takes is a few minutes and soon you’ll be sending text messages to all the important people who support your business or organization.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Empty Bleachers? Fill Them with SendTree

Fans are fuel for sports games. A great way to show you appreciate your fans is by connecting with them on a device that won’t distract them from the game. Using a mobile messaging service, like SendTree, allows coaches and marketing specialists to alert fans of games and events by sending text message reminders straight to their mobile phones.

There are a variety of ways to engage sports fan through text:

  • Announce scores and stats
  • Share game schedules
  • Remind volunteers of logistical information
  • Send alerts about weather delays and notices
  • Ask for support at call-outs and other team related events

Whether you're coaching a small team or trying to market at the national level - text communication is a great way to directly engage fans throughout the season. Make it easier for fans to show their support by getting them involved with informative text notifications. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Our Mobile Society - Text Message Communication Rises Above the Rest

According to a Small Business Trends article by TJ McCue, 13 SMS Text Messaging Services for Marketing in the Mobile Age, it’s nearly unheard of for a text message to go unopened or unread. As McCue writes on Small Business Trends' website:
Text messages have a 98% read rate.
Text messages have a 100% open rate.
Texts are typically read within 15 minutes of being received.
Mobile phones have reached 100% penetration in the United States.
Mobile communication is one of the most popular ways people chose to stay connected. As a result, people expect that important news will be delivered to the device they carry with them almost everywhere: their mobile phones. 

Taking a mobile approach to communication allows businesses, schools, retail shops, restaurants, and churches to instantly connect with their contacts through text. Any organization can benefit from sharing important information with their contacts via text. 

Whether it’s notifying your staff of a meeting or alerting customers of a special offer – your organization can engage audiences anytime, anywhere with SendTree. Even better, it only takes minutes to sign-up with SendTree and start sending group texts. Learn more about how SendTree works here>>

McCue, TJ. "13 SMS Text Messaging Services for Marketing in the Mobile Age." Small Business Trends. Small Business Trends, 24 May 2012. Web. 13 May 2014. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

How Can You Get People to Read Something? Send it By Text

Jeff Lee, the president a Washington based text-messaging application and consulting firm, was quoted as saying (Forbes):
“When you want to be sure people see something, send it by text.”
Mr. Lee is commenting on the fact that while text messaging is one of the most common ways for people to stay connected with one another, it continues to be a largely untapped resource by businesses and organizations.

Text-messaging communication (also known as SMS) keeps people tethered to their phones nearly 24/7 because it’s a convenient way to instantly connect with someone. People are also repeatedly choosing to use text messaging services to communicate even though they have access to other social media outlets. Despite living in a highly “mobile” society, many businesses and organizations are missing out on this opportunity to immediately connect with their audiences through text (Ny Times).

SendTree allows you to send information fast!
SendTree is a mobile messaging service that allows you to bridge the communication gap between your organization and your audience. Enjoy the benefits of staying connected with your audience by sending text notifications directly to your contacts’ mobile phones.

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