Thursday, April 3, 2014

Track Coaches: Your Team is Fast - With SendTree You Can Communicate Fast Too!

Keeping everyone on your team up to date on practices, games, and events can be tedious work. 
SendTree simplifies that by sending text messages straight to your contacts' mobile phones.  

Track and field coaches! This spring season is about to take off, do you have a strategy to keep everyone on your team informed of games, practices, logistical information, and last-minute-rainy-day-delays? 

SendTree: Start Sending GroupText Messages to Your Team 

With a group text messaging service, like SendTree, you don't have to worry about notifying each individual member of your team. SendTree allows you to send group text messages straight from your computer to your contacts' mobile phone. The track team, their parents/guardians, other coaches, volunteer staff, and fans will all appreciate having notifications sent to their mobile phones.  

It's frustrating for you and your team when important information slips through the cracks. Instead of juggling numerous emails, phone calls, websites updates, and social media pages, chose the simple way to stay connected. Reach everyone on your team on the device they carry with them almost everywhere: their mobile phone!   

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