Monday, April 7, 2014

Text Helps East High School Stay Connected with Students

Students at East High School recently requested that the school start using a text messaging service to communicate with the student body. As Brenda Young reports in her post, “East adds text messaging to reach students, faculty, fans,” the high school finally decided to make the move towards mobile communication because they wanted to stay connected with students through their mobile phones.  

As Michael Armato, the athletic Dricotro at East High School, explained:
“We are trying to connect to the students better… A lot of them have cell phones and we want to be able to send out information to them.”

Now East High School sends weekly text notifications directly to their students. As Young expands upon, the group texting service isn’t just for students. Anyone who would benefit from the text alerts can join the messaging list to stay informed of school-related activities:  
“East has added a text messaging system to its in-house communications formats that can be used to inform various stakeholders — especially students-athletes, parents, coaches and faculty — of school and sports notifications.

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