Friday, April 25, 2014

Soccer Coaches and Text Communication – Why These Two Things Go Hand in Hand

Coaching is a dynamic job that doesn't stop once practice ends. With SendTree you can stay connected with your team on or off the field. Whether you coach a youth soccer team, you're at the university level, or anywhere in-between; you can enjoy the benefits of using a group text messaging service, like SendTree.

Got news? SendTree lets you share it fast! A texting service is one of the most efficient ways to alert all your contacts about weather delays, scores, tournament updates, driving and parking directions, and any other team related news you'll need to share!  

Ask Yourself This: Do you coach a youth soccer team? You can encourage parents at meetings to opt-in to join your SendTree list (see how to here) and they’ll instantly be signed up to have your text message reminders delivered to their mobile phones. SendTree’s pre-scheduling feature lets you notify parents an hour or so before practice starts so everyone knows where and when they’re supposed to be ready for your team's next meet. 

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