Monday, April 28, 2014

Mobile Messaging: A Game-Changer for Sports Teams

You run through tons of drills, plays, and practices to prepare your team for the big game, so why not help your team stay organized by having text reminders sent directly to their mobile phones? As this season moves forward, keep your star players up to date on team related news with SendTree. 

Why SendTree? 

SendTree is a group mobile messaging service that helps you can stay connected with not just your players, but your players' parents, other coaching staff, fans, and anyone else who supports your team - through text. 

Don’t let information fall through the cracks this season. SendTree makes it easy to keep everyone informed because all your text messages appear on the device your team already relies on to stay connected. People can forget to check websites, emails, and calendars for practice and game info. Instead of waiting for your messages to reach your audience, meet them in the space they frequent mostmeet them on their mobile phones.

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