Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baseball Coaches: Strengthen Communication Among Your Team with Text Reminders

It can be a challenging task for coaches to find an efficient channel to communicate with everyone on their team. Broadcasting the details of your next game, practice, or special event, is simple with a group text-messaging service, like SendTree. With SendTree you can effortlessly send text notifications to your recipient’s mobile phones, while also updating your team’s Facebook and Twitter pages

The Bottom Line: It’s All About Reminders
Effortlessly send text reminders to players, parents, staff, volunteers, and more with the following information:
  • Games dates
  • Practices times and locations
  • Parking information
  • Equipment reminders
  • Help parents remember when it’s their turn to bring the team snack
  • In an instant, notify groups of bad weather delays
  • Last minute changes to meeting places
  • Share game scores with fans
  • And much, much more! 

Keep everyone updated on team related news on the device they carry with them almost everywhere: their mobile phones. There are lots of benefits for your team when you start using a text messaging service like SendTree.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mobile Messaging: A Game-Changer for Sports Teams

You run through tons of drills, plays, and practices to prepare your team for the big game, so why not help your team stay organized by having text reminders sent directly to their mobile phones? As this season moves forward, keep your star players up to date on team related news with SendTree. 

Why SendTree? 

SendTree is a group mobile messaging service that helps you can stay connected with not just your players, but your players' parents, other coaching staff, fans, and anyone else who supports your team - through text. 

Don’t let information fall through the cracks this season. SendTree makes it easy to keep everyone informed because all your text messages appear on the device your team already relies on to stay connected. People can forget to check websites, emails, and calendars for practice and game info. Instead of waiting for your messages to reach your audience, meet them in the space they frequent mostmeet them on their mobile phones.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Soccer Coaches and Text Communication – Why These Two Things Go Hand in Hand

Coaching is a dynamic job that doesn't stop once practice ends. With SendTree you can stay connected with your team on or off the field. Whether you coach a youth soccer team, you're at the university level, or anywhere in-between; you can enjoy the benefits of using a group text messaging service, like SendTree.

Got news? SendTree lets you share it fast! A texting service is one of the most efficient ways to alert all your contacts about weather delays, scores, tournament updates, driving and parking directions, and any other team related news you'll need to share!  

Ask Yourself This: Do you coach a youth soccer team? You can encourage parents at meetings to opt-in to join your SendTree list (see how to here) and they’ll instantly be signed up to have your text message reminders delivered to their mobile phones. SendTree’s pre-scheduling feature lets you notify parents an hour or so before practice starts so everyone knows where and when they’re supposed to be ready for your team's next meet. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Can Soccer Coaches Do More for Their Teams?

On top of coaching your soccer team this season you’ve got another responsibility to your players: keeping everyone on your team up to date on games, practices, and events. And "everyone on your team" doesn't just mean the players; that includes your players’ parents, other coaching staff, volunteers, and fans. They’ll all want to know where, when, and how to get to the next meet! 

Do MORE for your soccer team this season with SendTree! 
SendTree is a text messaging service that allows you to immediately connect with all of your contacts through text. Even better, organize your contacts into specific groups (player list vs. parents list vs. staff list) so you can control which list(s) receive particular messages. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Study Finds Text Messages Helped Young Children Remember to Take Asthma Medicine

In a recent article by Robert Preidt in HealthDay News, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) reported an interesting study involving children with asthma and text messages. In the study, daily text messages were sent to patients reminding them when to take their asthma medication. The researchers reported that in a small group of young children, text message reminders helped the children to remember to take their asthma medication. 

Why Use SendTree: SendTree is a text messaging service that allows you to schedule the delivery date and time your recipients will receive text messages. This scheduling feature is a great resource for (1) patients, (2) parents of small children, (3) health care organizations, and (4) health care providers, and (5) home care assistants.  

Dr. Jennifer S. Lee, of Women & Children's Hospital, Buffalo, N.Y., explained, "Two of the seven patients showed improvement in their asthma control, and parents of children said the text messages were helpful.” The idea is that in the future, text messages will help remind patients to take their medication more regularly.

SendTree is more than a tool for staying connected; anyone who needs text message reminders sent directly to their mobile phone can enjoy the benefits of going mobile

Preidt, Robert. "Text Message Reminders Prompt Kids to Take Asthma Medicine - Asthma Center -" HealthDay News, n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2014. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

From Pole to Pole and Goal to Goal – Soccer Coaches Control Communication with Mobile Messaging

Communication is an important and necessary aspect of coaching your soccer team. Keeping everyone informed of all the team's activities (from practices to tournaments) can be a struggle for coaches during the busy season; but controlling when, where, and who receives relevant information about team events can be a simple task with SendTree. Have weekly or last minute text messages delivered straight to your contacts' mobile phones when you sign up with SendTree.

Name of the Game: SendTree
With a mobile messaging service like SendTree you'll have a convenient communication tool that lets you control when text messages are delivered to your players, their parents, other coaches, and fans

There are plenty of reasons while you'll want to stay connected with your audience, but here are a few examples of the types of messages your contacts will appreciate receiving:   
  • any schedule changes
  • last-minute reminders 
  • meeting and game updates 
  • driving and parking instructions 
  • practice announcements 
  • scores
  • weather delays 

If you're still not sure how to get started with SendTree we recommend reading our SendTree 101 Guide. This comprehensive manual will help you identify key audiences, sample text messages, and great ideas for encouraging members to sign up for the service

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coaches: Be Better Communicators On and Off the Field

What’s one of the most convenient ways to stay connected with your team? Today it’s with mobile messaging! With SendTree you can send text messages straight to your team’s mobile phones.

Even Better: Because you can use SendTree from your computer or Android device, you’ll be able to keep everyone (that includes players, parents, staff members, and fans) informed of any and all team related news on or off the field.

Say More in Less Time
As of January 2014, 90% of American adults reported owning a cell phone (Pew Internet). Instead of waiting to communicate with your players and their parents you could be sending important notifications directly to their mobile phones. Start saying more in less time by reaching your audience on their mobile devices.  

"Mobile Technology Fact Sheet." Pew Research Centers Internet American Life Project RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Send a Message with the SendTree Android App

What could be better than having a SendTree App on your Android? We've simplified your job and now you'll be able to send messages directly from your Android phone. The SendTree app is a fast, efficient way to initiate and maintain conversations between your organization and its members. Read below to learn how to get started!

General Message Sending Instructions 

How to Send a Message

These instructions will detail how to send a message from your Android device. If you’re interested in learning how to link your message to other social media pages, or how to schedule the delivery date and time of a message, please review the “App Message Options” section below.
  1. After you’ve downloaded the Android App here, launch the App on your Android device and sign in with your SendTree username and password. 
  2. To begin, at the top of your screen (in the green box) make a selection from your lists to determine which group will receive your message.
  3. Then, type your message in the space provided.
  4. Click “Send Message
  5. Finally, you’ll receive a message notifying you that the text has been successfully delivered.
Congrats! This little notification will let you know your message was successfully delivered! 

App Message Options

How to Link Your Message to Facebook

This feature allows your messages to show up on your social media pages in addition to having your message delivered to your contacts’ cell phone.   
  1. After you’ve typed your message select the box beside “to Facebook” to have your message appear on your Facebook Page. 
     Please note: You will NOT be able to select the “to Facebook” option if you haven’t 
     already linked your SendTree information to your Facebook page. To set up this feature 
     click here.    

How to Link Your Message to Twitter

This feature allows your messages to show up on your social media pages in addition to having your message delivered to your contacts’ cell phone.
  1. After you’ve typed your message select the box beside “to Twitter” to have your message appear on your Twitter Page.
     Please noteYou will NOT be able to select the “to Twitter” option if you haven’t 
     already linked your SendTree information to your Twitter page. To set up this feature 
     click here.  

If you've linked your Twitter and SendTree pages you'll be able to check the "to Twitter" box.
If not click here to set up this feature. 

Scheduling a Message Ahead of Time  

Scheduling the delivery time of a message can be useful if you know ahead of time when you’d like a message to be delivered. This feature allows you to control when your messages will be distributed throughout the day.
  1. After you’ve selected the group/list your message will be delivered to and typed your message in the text box, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “message later” box.
  2. The option to “change delivery time” will appear. Click that link to modify the delivery time and date.
  3. Make your selection and click “Set

  4. Click “Send Message.” Please confirm the delivery date and time for your message by selecting “Yes” to complete this step.
  5. You’ll receive a message notifying you that the text has been scheduled for delivery.      

Now notifications, reminders, and any other messages are as simple to send from your phone as they are from your computer. Wherever you may be, you'll be able to instantly connect with your audience.

Questions? Concerns?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trying to Connect with a Younger Audience? Why Not Reach Them With Text?

Why use a text messaging service like SendTree to connect with a younger audience? In 2013 one of Business Insider's research analysts, Alex Cocotas, reported that among U.S. smartphone owners, young adults age 18-24 were sending 2,022 text per month! That's roughly 67 texts per day - every day for an entire year. 

Young adults (age 18-24) by-far text more than another age group. That's why we recommend high schools, colleges, coaches, and other organizations consider reaching younger adults on their cell phones. Read all about how East High School knew it was time to go mobile here>> 

Instead of sending tons of emails or updating social media pages with school or team related information - you could be neatly packaging important information in the form of a text message. 

So How's SendTree Different from Traditional Text? 

The best part about SendTree is that it's a group text messaging service, emphasis on the word "group." SendTree allows you to send text message alerts, reminders, and notifications to everyone on your contact list with just the click of a button. Instead of picking and choosing who will receive your messages, SendTree makes it simple to organize your contacts into different groups, so sending notifications is quick and convenient!  

Cocotas, Alex. "CHART OF THE DAY: Kids Send A Mind Boggling Number Of Texts Every Month." Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc,           22 Mar. 2013. Web. 09 Apr. 2014.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Text Helps East High School Stay Connected with Students

Students at East High School recently requested that the school start using a text messaging service to communicate with the student body. As Brenda Young reports in her post, “East adds text messaging to reach students, faculty, fans,” the high school finally decided to make the move towards mobile communication because they wanted to stay connected with students through their mobile phones.  

As Michael Armato, the athletic Dricotro at East High School, explained:
“We are trying to connect to the students better… A lot of them have cell phones and we want to be able to send out information to them.”

Now East High School sends weekly text notifications directly to their students. As Young expands upon, the group texting service isn’t just for students. Anyone who would benefit from the text alerts can join the messaging list to stay informed of school-related activities:  
“East has added a text messaging system to its in-house communications formats that can be used to inform various stakeholders — especially students-athletes, parents, coaches and faculty — of school and sports notifications.

A text messaging service like SendTree is a quick and convenient way to reach players, their parents, sports administrators, fans, and staff. With SendTree you'll be able to send text message alerts, notifications, and reminders straight to your contacts' mobile phones. Keeping everyone informed of all your organization's events and activities can feel stressful, but with SendTree you know all your important messages are being sent right to your contacts' cell phones. 

Young, Brenda. "East Adds Text Messaging to Reach Students, Faculty, Fans."Rockford Register Star.   
     Rockford Register Star, 26 Mar. 2014. Web. 07 Apr. 2014.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Track Coaches: Your Team is Fast - With SendTree You Can Communicate Fast Too!

Keeping everyone on your team up to date on practices, games, and events can be tedious work. 
SendTree simplifies that by sending text messages straight to your contacts' mobile phones.  

Track and field coaches! This spring season is about to take off, do you have a strategy to keep everyone on your team informed of games, practices, logistical information, and last-minute-rainy-day-delays? 

SendTree: Start Sending GroupText Messages to Your Team 

With a group text messaging service, like SendTree, you don't have to worry about notifying each individual member of your team. SendTree allows you to send group text messages straight from your computer to your contacts' mobile phone. The track team, their parents/guardians, other coaches, volunteer staff, and fans will all appreciate having notifications sent to their mobile phones.  

It's frustrating for you and your team when important information slips through the cracks. Instead of juggling numerous emails, phone calls, websites updates, and social media pages, chose the simple way to stay connected. Reach everyone on your team on the device they carry with them almost everywhere: their mobile phone!