Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sports Teams: Not All Mobile Phones Are Created Equal – Is Everyone On Your Team In the Know?

With smartphones and cell phones, how can you be sure
you're staying connected with everyone? 

Not All Mobile Phones Are Created Equal

SMS (short messaging service) is text messaging service that allows mobile devices to send or receive short text messages. SMS is a basic component of all cellular phones. So why turn to a text messaging service like SendTree when you’ve already got a website, Facebook, or Twitter?

Almost ½ of all mobile phone owners do not own a smart phone. As the Pew Research Center found:
     Only 55% of cell phone owners reported owning a smart phone.

Because only smartphone owners have access to data (that includes the web, email, wifi, apps, gps navigators, etc.), anyone who owns a basic cell phone cannot access the information you’re posting online if they’re not at their computer. As a result, there is a gap in the information being shared between you and the rest of your audience. 

Share More on Different Devices with SendTree   

If you use a text messaging service like SendTree you don't have to worry about your messages only reaching some of your contacts. Think about how parents, sports administrators, coaches, players, and fans would benefit from receiving text messages sent direct to their mobile phone.

SendTree enables communication between many different kinds of mobile phone devices because it operates on SMS. With SendTree you can consistently share news, notifications, reminders and more with everyone on your team.

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