Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soccer Teams: Score with SendTree!

Alert Solutions Blog posted a survey by Juniper Research reporting that people read 97% of the texts they receive. Of those text messages 90% are read within the first 4-6 minutes of delivery. How can your team benefit from stats like these? 

What does this have to do with coaching soccer? 

With a text messaging service like SendTree you can send text reminders, updates, news, notifications, and more, directly to your teams’ mobile phones. From parents to your staff you'll want to stay connected with them all. 

The benefits of communicating with SendTree:

  • SendTree is a simple, straightforward service that allows you to share text messages with multiple groups (parents, staff, and fans).
  • Reach your audiences’ pockets within minutes with relevant news    
  • Keep your team punctual: send game and practice reminders ahead of time
  • Notify your groups of delays or cancelations when bad weather strikes 
  • Whatever the reason, whenever you need to connect, SendTree is the solution 

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