Monday, March 3, 2014

Mobile Marketing: Your Soccer Teams Guard Against Bad Weather

If there’s one thing you can predict this soccer season, it’s that 
the weather will be unpredictable. 

So you're coaching soccer this spring and you’ve printed schedules and updated your team’s website with the upcoming schedule of games and practices. Have you considered how inclement weather might complicate this schedule? 

How can you quickly inform parents and fans of delays and cancelations? Or maybe you just want to move practice indoors? There’s a simple, fast service that allows you to keep parents and fans “in-the-know” at a moments notice and that service is SendTree. SendTree is a text messaging service that lets you quickly sending mass text notifications straight to your contact’s cell phones.  

With SendTree you can send important news and notifications straight to your audience’s mobile phones.

When unpredictable weather becomes a factor, SendTree allows you to send news directly to parents’ and fans’ phones to alert them of last minute changes.

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