Wednesday, February 5, 2014

With SendTree Communication Doesn't Stop In Bad Weather

Got cancelations? Get SendTree!

Bad Weather Causing Problems? 

Boom. It happens just like that. Suddenly your city is under a blanket of snow and there's no stop in sight. With almost no warning a winter storm rolls in and businesses, schools, and churches start declaring delays and closings.  

Winter Storm Nika has arrived and more than 15 states have declared winter weather advisories. Roughly 115 million Americans will be impacted by the weather and while this storm runs its course, your organization is deciding on whether to delay, reschedule, or altogether close an upcoming event.

SendTree Helps You Stay Connected  

You'll want to let your inner circle know what's going on before they start digging their cars out of the snow. Right now what you need is a fast, convenient service to deliver news of these changes to your audience.

Is your solution to this dilemma just as timely as the unexpected weather? With SendTree it can be. Stay connected in even in the worst weather by send text messages straight to your audiences’ mobile phones. Click below to learn more in the SendTree 101 Guide

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