Monday, February 17, 2014

Text vs. Email: Are You Choosing the Right Channel?

Are you relying exclusively on e-mail to send messages to your customers and contacts? Some research by Mousetrap Mobile and Joanna Stern suggests that text messaging may be a better way to reach your audience than email. 

  • 99% of text messages are opened (Mousetrap Mobile).
  • On average people check their phones 23 times a day for messages. Another 22 times for voice calls and an additional 18 times to see what time it is (Stern, 2013).
  • Coupons sent through SMS are redeemed 15- 20% of the time, and in some cases averages reach 30% (Mousetrap Mobile).
  • 14 minutes: The time it takes for a recipient to open a text message once its been sent (Mousetrap Mobile).
  • Text messages are a more intimate and concise form of communication.

  • Less than 20% of emails are opened (Mousetrap Mobile). 
  • People spend 20 minutes a day checking their personal email (Mousetrap Mobile).
  • Coupons sent through email are redeemed less than 1% (Mousetrap Mobile).
  • 6.4 hours: The average time it takes for a recipient to view an email once its been sent (Mousetrap Mobile).
  • Email has increasingly become a channel for lengthy, professional messages.

Instead of waiting to connect with your contacts through email, we recommend sending your messages directly to the device your audience constantly checks: their mobile phones. 

By enlisting the help of SendTree you will be able to immediately and conveniently communicate with every one of your contacts. Click below to start sending mobile messages straight to your audiences' cell phones>>   


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