Friday, February 7, 2014

Mobile Health: How Automated Text Messages Are Helping Patients with Diabetes

MedPage Today: Study Finds a Correlation Between Texting & Diabetes Treatment  

A study featured on MedPage Today reported some astounding news about the impact of automated text messages on patients with diabetes. In this article a group of patients were sent periodic text messages throughout the day to remind them to take their medication, refill prescriptions, and various other preventative steps. A direct quote from MedPage Today’s article reads: 

Patients with diabetes who received a text message reminder about checking their blood sugar or refilling their medicines saw improvements in clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs, researchers said.

Texting: A Future in Medicine?

This text messaging program which was aimed at helping patients control their diabetes reported a drop in patients’ glucose levels. The number of outpatient visits also declined as did health care costs. Mobile health is an innovative technology that enables healthcare organizations to effectively support patients outside of the doctor’s office. This study suggests a future in which text messages are used to provide self-management care to patients.

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