Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Schools & Day Care Centers: How To Use SendTree

Weather getting in the way of a game, school start time or meeting? With SendTree you can stay connected to your audience through the device the are checking the most: their mobile phones. Just log on to your SendTree list and within seconds, send your weather update and delay notices to staff and parents alike.

Your Audience

Like we mentioned above you’re going to want to keep the staff at your daycare and school informed of delays and closings as-soon-as-possible. But what about the parents and students? You’ll want to get all these folks on your contact list: 
  • Parents/caretakers
  • Staff/coworkers
  • Students
  • Work colleagues

Below are a few situations that demonstrate how SendTree can help keep 
your staff, students, and parents informed:  

Help Them to Sign Up

So you know who your audience is but how can you get them to start texting “JOIN” to your SendTree number? The following list will help you get started: 
  • Introduce the SendTree program to teachers and explain how the school plans to use it, and then prompt them to opt in at that time.
  • Include the SendTree information at all parent touch points and encourage teachers to communicate the program and how the school will use it to keep parents informed.
  • Let students know they can get the latest updates such as school closings and delays from the school via text messages and post the opt-in number in easy-to-find places.
  • Teachers should include the SendTree list phone number in any parent or student communications so they know how they will receive reminders or alerts. Emphasize how much easier this is than the typical phone tree.

Today's Lesson: It's simple! Use SendTree to instantly alert a group of people about a delay or meeting by sending notifications directly to their mobile phones.

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