Monday, January 20, 2014

Non-Profit Organizations: How to Use SendTree

You love your volunteers, but managing them can be a major headache. We’ve got your back. SendTree allows you to create a dashboard of segmented SendTree lists for each of your volunteer groups, which allows you to quickly, safely communicate with them all. Whether you need to tell them what time to arrive or quickly shift gears due to a weather emergency, SendTree allows you to communicate on the fly.

Your Key Audiences 

Don't let your valuable members miss out on important updates! Here are just a few groups you'll want to share messages with on a regular basis:       
  • Employees 
  • Board Members 
  • Volunteers 
  • Supporters 
  • Partners
  • General Public 

Share more than the nitty-gritty details about meetings and events.
Use SendTree to welcome new members to the organization or show appreciation for a job well done.

Help Them To Sign Up 

To keep all your members up to date on important developments you'll want to stay connected through textHere are a few ways to start sharing your SendTree phone number today: 
  • Include SendTree signup as part of the process for on boarding new employees and board members.
  • On volunteer signup forms, include the event-specific SendTree signup number and briefly explain how it will be used to keep them updated with important information.
  • Set up separate SendTree lists for employees, board members and volunteers. Be sure to explain to board members and staff they will need to opt in to SendTree updates that are event specific.

Long Story Short: Text is a great way to reach your audience through their preferred channel. In real time you'll be able to share important news, reminders, and notifications with the people that matter most to your organization. Simply encourage folks to text  "JOIN" to your SendTree phone number and they'll automatically be signed up to receive messages directly on their cell phones. Learn more about SendTree here>>

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