Friday, January 17, 2014

Need a New Way To Reach Customers? You May Be Overlooking the Obvious

6 Advantages of Mobile Marketing Over Traditional Advertising  

Every organization large and small has felt the struggle of staying connected to the people who matter most. Cutting through the clutter of marketing messages your audience swims in daily is tough. The trick to being heard has always been to meet the audience in the spaces they frequent. Today, it’s no secret this space is mobile. 

1.) Reach Customers Anytime, Anywhere 
Wherever your customer goes chances are their cell phone is close by. This makes it very easy for you to stay in touch with the people on your contact list. 

2.) Instant Results 
Sending messages directly to your contacts' phones allows you to immediately connect with your audience. You don't get that kind of immediacy with TV, radio, or paper ads. 

3.) Convenient to Use
You don't have to be chained to your desk to send messages. Schedule any number of messages ahead of time to be delivered periodically throughout the day.   

4.) Knock Your Competitors' Socks Off
Mobile marketing is still a largely untapped market. Stay ahead of the curve by reaching customers before your competitors do. 

5.) Huge Viral Potential 
Text messages are easy to share. For this reason your messages have the potential to reach a much broader audience (at no cost to you). 

6.) Affordable Mass Communication 
With SendTree anyone can afford to give their marketing campaign a boost. Start your free 30 day trial by clicking here >> 

The Bottom Line: It's all about communication. There is plenty of noise to drown out your marketing and other messages, making it difficult to know if you are reaching who you need to reach when you need to reach them. SendTree makes it easy and affordable to leap into the world of mobile marketing.

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