Friday, January 31, 2014

Don't Make This Mistake

Do you know your customers' mobile number? Well, you should! In a world where people are constantly checking their phones, mobile marketing is the smart choice for your business. 

How it works: SendTree will provide you with a local phone number -- it's yours to keep. You publicize this number and have people text “JOIN” to this number to opt-in.

Promoting Your SendTree Number 

  1. Websites: List your SendTree phone number on your website. Whenever you’re promoting your number make sure people know they just need to text “JOIN” to start receiving news, notifications, and alerts.
  2. Email: Add your SendTree phone number to the bottom of your email signature with opt-in instructions.
  3. Before they go: Keep a tablet or laptop at the counter of your business and prompt people to enter their mobile number before they leave. You can seamlessly import a .CSV to your SendTree list later. Click here for instructions on importing contacts >>
  4. Stop the press: Your SendTree number should be mentioned in all print, broadcasting, and online media. Receipts, signage, menus, and weekly mailers are all examples of promotional materials.
  5. A little friendly competition: Organize competitions on your social media pages offering prizes to those who text “JOIN” to your SendTree number.
  6. Meet and greet: Introduce your SendTree number to the folks at your next event, exhibition, meeting, or conference.
Start today with SendTree: Our mission at SendTree is to keep you connected with your customers, employees, colleagues, and anyone else involved with your organization. Communication is everything in today's world and mobile marketing is just the innovative approach your business can rely on to reach your audience anytime, anywhere. Create an account today and get 30 days free (on us!).    

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