Friday, January 10, 2014

Communication Preparedness Strategy: Staying Connected During Bad Weather

Communication is a huge component of any religious group. Keep your congregation
up to date on important announcements with SendTree.

Stay Connected Even in Bad Weather 

As temperatures slowly return to normal after this week's bitter winter storm churches and religious organizations have finally begun to carry on with business as usual. For several days many communities' churches had to temporarily close their doors as a result of these harsh weather conditions. Travel came to a halt during this bitter cold and the most unfortunate experienced power outages. What was your church's communication strategy whilst the Midwest was gripped by bitter cold temperatures and power outages?  

Mobile is the Way to Go 

We rely on our mobile devices for news about the weather and updates on closings. This is just one of the reasons we encourage churches and other religious organizations to keep their audience "in the know" about delays and other news with SendTree. By creating an account with SendTree and encouraging volunteers, youth groups, staff, and members of your parish to be a part of your SendTree contact list you can instantly deliver important messages and notifications to the people in your inner circle. Learn how to send a message here >> 

SendTree Streamlines Communication

With SendTree you can be sure the members of your congregation are always kept up to date on important announcements. Sending mobile messages directly to peoples' cell phones is an easy way to reach out to your congregation and create a sense of togetherness among members. Whether you need to cancel Sunday's service for bad weather or if you want to send inspirational messages to your church group, SendTree makes it possible for you to stay engaged with your audience. Try it for free today! Click here to create your account >> 

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