Monday, January 13, 2014

Booksellers: How to Use SendTree

Let's say you own a bookstore and host a handful of events each month based on genre and visiting authors. You can create a SendTree list for each type of book club event you host and let club members select how they want to stay apprised of the next book to read, the date they’ll meet and other news. 

Your Key Audiences 

It's not hard to guess who should be on your contact list. They're the people coming in and out of your store everyday! From loyal patrons to staff members you've got a ton of people to think about sharing your SendTree number with: 

  • Customers: They're your proud bookworms, grocery store romantics, comic book fanatics, and nonfiction-know-it-alls. 
  • Club Members or “Preferred Customers”: The folks who always show up for a special event or bargain sale. 
  • Employees: Your devoted staff should definitely be receiving informative messages about the place they work. 

Your contacts love reading novels, but you don't have to write them one!
Check out these short and sweet sample messages.

Help Them to Sign Up: 

Make it easy for people to find out the details about your next event or sale by sending that information directly to their cell phones. Here are just a few ways you can share your SendTree number: 

  • List SendTree information on the back of sales receipts telling customers to sign up to receive information about store promotions, sales and new arrivals.
  • During checkout, ask customers if they would like to receive 15 percent off their next purchase for joining SendTree.
  • Create exclusive in-store or online events and offers such as after-hours preview parties or meet-and-greets with special guests only for SendTree participants to encourage users not to opt out.

The Nutshell Explanation: Your patrons can just text “JOIN” to your SendTree list number and start getting your news right at their fingertips. Learn more about adding contacts here >> 

Want to try it out? SendTree offers a 30 day trial at no cost. We'll give you a real number, so if you keep SendTree beyond the trial period, you do not have to switch numbers. Your customers will still get text messages from the same number.  Try it out »

Learn more: Download our "SendTree 101" guide to discover lots examples of how SendTree can be used.

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