Thursday, December 5, 2013

Restaurants: How to Use SendTree

Are you looking for a fast way to tell bargain-eaters about daily specials? Need news of your new menu item to reach hungry citizens? With SendTree’s mobile messaging service you can contact customers before they make a decision about where to eat. The best part is connecting with customers is easy! Just tell them to text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree number and they will automatically begin receiving messages about your restaurant.  

Your key audiences:

Food hobbyists, the regulars you know-by-name, and new patrons are just a few of the clientele you should be sharing your SendTree number with. Here are just a few suggestions to consider when gathering contacts for your messaging list:
  • Rise-n-diners  
  • Lunch patrons
  • Dinner patrons
  • Preferred customers
  • Special diet clientele

Help them to sign up: 

Your customers are the life blood of your establishment. Don’t let daily deals and news slip past your loyal patrons! Follow this list of suggestions to encourage customers to sign up: 
  • Create an incentive for signing up. Let them get a free drink, percentage off a meal or scoop of ice cream for joining your SendTree list.
  • Make it easy for patrons to opt in for the messages that are most relevant to them by allowing them to choose lists for lunch, dinner, special diet, preferred customer, etc.
  • Promote your SendTree program by listing your SendTree list phone number(s) on menus, table tents and signage. Use QR codes to link the person directly to the SendTree signup page.
  • Create SendTree lists for users who don’t want to receive messages daily. Those could be special offers, new menu announcements or special events announcements.

TIP: Give away a daily special lunch each week as encouragement to get your customers to sign up for your news.

Keep customers in the loop!

When it comes down to it, we all simply want to be heard — especially when the message is relevant. By joining SendTree you can be sure that your members are receiving important messages immediately. Read more about tips for reaching your audience in our SendTree 101 guide here>>  

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