Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Politicians: How to Use SendTree

Let's say you’re pulling in your team and you need to help your staff organize their volunteers and work collectively toward your election goal. With SendTree, you can create an account and have multiple SendTree lists—a list for volunteers working on events, a list for volunteers working on media, a list for your supporters to follow your every thought.

Your Key Audiences:

Each tree can be specific to your need and communicate timely messages for your key audiences via text, email, social media or voice message. (Wouldn’t you love to get a “personal” call from your favorite political candidate?) SendTree takes your messages to the right level at the right time you need action. 

  • Volunteers: The valuable folks who offer up their free time for you. 
  • Supporters: When you hold your next public event, these people are always there waving a banner or wearing a button. 
  • Staff: They’re your A-Team, the go-to group for your campaign.

Keep supporters, staff, and volunteers informed! 

Help Them Sign Up:

  • On a volunteer registration form that already asks for a cell phone number, give volunteers the choice to "opt out" of receiving SendTree messages. Add all those who don’t opt out to the appropriate SendTree list.
  • On your website, include the SendTree button alongside your other social channel icons.
  • Make your marketing-focused SendTree phone number public, giving supporters and volunteers a consistent, direct way to receive messages from you.

With SendTree you'll always be able to communicate immediately with the folks on your contact list. Use this opportune campaign strategy to stay connected to your audience. Enjoy a free 30 day trial period when you sign up today >>   

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