Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Schedule a Message

This convenient scheduling feature allows you to create a message now and have it sent later. By setting a specific delivery date and time, you can be sure your audience receives messages when they are most likely to be read. Just follow these simple steps to schedule your next mobile message.

Scheduling Your Next Message 

  1. Sign in to your SendTree account here
  2. Select Send a Message in the right hand corner of the page. 
  3. Write your message, then select More options...
  4. Next, check the box beside Send a message later. Now you'll be able to manipulate the time settings. Set the specific date and time you want your message sent.
    Make sure you select the box beside "Send message later" or you won't be able to edit the date or time.
  5. To complete scheduling your message, click the blue Send Message button. Now your message will be delivered based on the date and time you chose. 

Benefits of Scheduling Messages 

For some of you there’s a very specific window of time certain messages need to reach the people on your recipient list. Or maybe you’re just the organized-type-A-personality that needs to schedule messages now and move on to more important things. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider scheduling messages:
  • Timing Matters: There’s an early bird special, and you need a message sent out before those peek breakfast hours hit. 
  • Prioritize your Time: You need several messages to go out in one day and can’t be chained to your computer.
  • Regular Reminders: Your need reminders to be sent out while you’re setting up for an event or practice.   
  • Time Zone Difference: For when your messages need to reach folks in a different time zone.
When you schedule reminders before an event or set-up notifications during the most opportune times, you keep the people that matter the most to your organization informed in the spaces they regularly check - their cell phones. 

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