Friday, December 27, 2013

Food Trucks: How to Use SendTree

Oh food truck, how we love you. You are already about as mobile as it gets. Match your messages to your wheels and get into the heads and stomachs of your followers. SendTree can be your mobile marketing experience that works on your budget, on your time and for your customer’s preferred delivery methods. We help you blend social and mobile in a way you’ve never experienced.

Your Key Audience  

Who is your audience? Anyone within a 50-mile radius and taste buds no doubt! But if you're trying to reach customers via mobile messaging you'll want to be a bit more specific than that. Here are just a few suggestions of customers you should be trying to connect with: 
  • Preferred customers
  • Location-specific customers 
  • Customers who want to know when specific menu items are available 
  • Food-connoisseurs with certain dietary restrictions or food allergies  

With SendTree customers will immediately know where your truck is parked at day or night!  

Help Them to Sign Up

Tell them where you’re going to be so they can make tracks to your truck. Make a separate SendTree list with fun tips like how to recreate your food sensations at home. Give your exclusive SendTree audience special offers just for signing up. You have so much power with SendTree!
  • Slap a QR code on your truck so smartphone users can easily scan and sign up for your SendTree list(s).
  • Create a preferred customer program that gives VIP customers access to special deals shared via a VIP SendTree list.
  • Set up a SendTree list for each location/neighborhood your truck frequents, and then post the opt-in numbers for each location on your truck. These neighborhood-specific opt-in messages feel personal and prevent message overload.
  • Create a general SendTree list that sends information that is relevant to all your customers, no matter the location. Update them with new menu items and specials. Post the opt-in number on your truck so it is always visible and easy to see. 

The New Year is almost here! This year make it your business's mission to reach customers in the most convenient and efficient way possible - with mobile communication. Create an account and start your free 30 day trial here>> 

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