Monday, December 30, 2013

Bands: How to Use SendTree

Your fans are holding up cell phones (not lighters) at concerts. With SendTree your messages appear directly on your fans' mobile devices. 

Musicians! Bands! And instrumentalists! You all thrive off your fans and they can’t wait for your next show. Keep in touch with them so they never miss a beat. New releases, appearances, contests — you can create a SendTree list for any need to reach any fan within seconds. Fans simply text “JOIN” to your SendTree list phone number to stay up to date on all your musical endeavours.   

Your Key Audiences

A major component of any performers' success comes down to staying connected to your fan base. With SendTree you can communicate directly with the people who support your music in the space they frequent most - their mobile phones. SendTree makes it easier to do all of the following: 
  • Alert fans of where and when to buy music 
  • Notify fans of times and dates for upcoming concerts 
  • Updating staff on tour with logistical information

Help Them to Sign Up

While making great music is your first priority, the next step in your musical career comes down to getting fans to come to concerts and buy some of your music! Mobile marketing is the most immediate way to bridge the communication gap between you and your fan base. To speed this process along you'll want to get fans to join your mobile messaging list by texting "JOIN" to your personal SendTree number. Here are just a few ways you can encourage fans to sign up:  
  • Give your fans some love. Share special, SendTree-only content such as updates from the road or excerpts from new songs.
  • Give a SendTree shout-out during a concert by telling fans they can sign up to receive texts from the band.
  • When fans purchase tickets to a show, include an opt-in number that is specific to their location so they can stay updated while you’re in town. 

Marketing is a huge part of the music industry. Keep fans informed of performances and exclusive merchandise with SendTree! 

Drum up some noise about your music with SendTree's help. Sign up for one free month here>> Get more people to your concerts and sell more music by making it easier for fans to find you! The trick to being heard is to meet your audience on the devices they check most. Today, it’s no secret that device is in the hands of your fans - their mobile phones.

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