Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sports Teams: How to Use SendTree

SendTree can make staying connected with your team so much easier! Just log on to your SendTree list and in a matter of seconds you can send an alert, reminder, or update to everyone in your group. Whether sending meeting updates or “rainy day” notices SendTree can notify your team of the change fast. So huddle up with SendTree and knock your next get-together out of the park!

Your key audiences: 

Your team’s supporters, volunteers, and especially the players themselves will want to be included in your messaging list. Here are just a few suggestions to consider when gathering contacts for your messaging list:

  • Team players
  • Parents/caretakers  
  • Volunteers
  • Supporters

Help them to sign up:

Your team runs like a well-oiled machine. To help keep things that way you’ll want to get your teammates to join your messaging list ASAP. Check out a few of our suggestions to start spreading the word about staying connected with SendTree!

  • Introduce the SendTree program to parents and explain how the team plans to use it, and then prompt them to opt in at that time. 

  • Let players know they can get the latest updates such as logistical changes and weather notices via text messages and post the opt-in number in easy-to-find places.
  • Tell Coaches to include the SendTree list phone number in any parent or player communications so they know how they will be alerted of any practice or game reminders or alerts. Emphasize how much easier this is than the typical phone tree.
For example, you wouldn't want your team 

to miss a message like this: 

When it comes down to it, we all simply want to be heard — especially when the message is relevant. By joining SendTree you can be sure that your members are receiving important messages immediately. Click here to create your account and start your free 30 day trial today! 

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