Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paying for SendTree

SendTree makes paying for your account a straightforward and effortless process. With the periodic billing feature all you have to do is save your credit card information to your account and – voila – you’re all set! Once you’ve saved your credit card information SendTree’s period billing feature takes over. Just follow these instructions to quickly enter your payment information. 

Setting Up Your Credit Card Information 

     1. Sign in to your account at

     2. Select the “my account” button (Hint: It’s in the upper right hand corner of the page).

     3. Locate and click on the “Credit Card” tab.

     4. Fill in the payment section with your credit card information and click the blue “Save changes" button. 

That was pretty simple wasn't it? Now you can carry on with more important matters - like preparing your next mobile message

Affordable: The SendTree Way

The periodic billing feature automatically charges your credit card on the billing day of each month (the day of the month when you first created your SendTree account) or whenever your balance exceeds one hundred dollars. 

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