Friday, November 1, 2013

Adding Contacts to Your Recipient List

Managing and adding contacts to your recipient list is easy and simple with SendTree. With three options to choose from Send Tree makes gathering and organizing your contact list a breeze. 
  1. Encourage members to text “JOIN” to your SendTree number.
  2. Upload a pre-existing contact list.
  3. Manually enter the contact info.

The word of the day is "JOIN"

Members can add themselves to your contact list by texting “JOIN” to your personal SendTree phone number. Your phone number is the same number you received when you signed up with SendTree.

Depending on the business, organization, or event you are promoting it may not always be appropriate to approach the “uploading process” from behind your desk. SendTree makes it easier than ever for new members to add themselves to your contact list. By advertising your phone number members will be eager to add themselves to your messaging list. And joining is just a text away!    

Get members to come to you! 

There are lots of ways to convince members to sign up for your text messaging alerts! SendTree has a solution for every business or organization. Here are just a few examples of how to promote your number:

Sales Receipts:
List SendTree information on the back of sales receipts telling customers to sign up to receive information about store promotions, sales and new arrivals.
Menus, Tables, Signage:
Promote your SendTree program by listing your SendTree list phone number(s) on menus, table tents and signage. Use QR codes to link the person directly to the SendTree signup page.

Weekly Mailers and Bullet Boards:
Include information about SendTree in a weekly mailer or on a bulletin board with an explanation of how your organization will use it.  

Importing your contact list

Reaching your audience is faster than ever with SendTree’s import option. Directions for uploading an existing contact list can be found here. 

Type them in yourself 

Whether you’re typing or copying and pasting names and numbers into your messaging list entering contacts is an effortless process with SendTree! 

After signing in to your SendTree account, select the “Recipients” tab and scroll down to the “Add a recipient” sections. 

Once you’ve entered the recipients name and phone number select “Save recipient” and you’re done. Congratulations! You've successfully added a contact to your recipient list! 

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