Monday, November 25, 2013

Steps for Configuration: Connecting to Facebook and Twitter

Looking for a convenient way to reach more people with your next mobile message? With SendTree you can automatically post a message to your Facebook and Twitter. Just follow these steps to complete this one-time configuration process and start posting on your Facebook and Twitter today! 

Connecting Your Facebook and Twitter Page

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Select the “My Account” button and then the "My Organization" tab.
  • Configure – Now you’ll need to take a moment to connect your Facebook and Twitter pages to your SendTree Account.   


To connect your SendTree and Facebook begin by clicking the "My Account" button after you've logged into SendTree. Then navigate to the "My Organization" tab. 

Once on the  "My Organization" page you’ll see a blue button that says “Let SendTree Post to Facebook…" Click that button

Log in like you normally would to Facebook.

Step 1: The set up process begins with Facebook informing you that SendTree will receive your public profile and friends list. This is a formality and ensures you are aware SendTree is attempting to connect to your Facebook. Simply select “Okay” for this part. 
Step 1: Select "Okay"

Step 2: Next, SendTree will ask for your permission to post publicly on your Facebook. Select “Okay” if you’d like your posts to be public OR if you’d like to customize who will view your posts, you can manage this list by clicking the drop-down tab that reads “Public”. 

Several group options should appear and you can customize who will see your messages that way. Once you’ve decided which groups will receive your messages click “Okay”. 
Step 2: Select "Okay" or customize your lists and then select "Okay"

Step 3: Facebook will then notify you that SendTree will now be a member of your Facebook Pages. This step establishes your SendTree account is now connected to Facebook. To finish this process select, “Okay”.
Step 3: Select "Okay" one more time.
Step 4: To complete this process you'll need to save these settings on your SendTree account. Again, you'll need to navigate to the "My Organization" page under "My Account". Select the circle beside your Facebook account and click "Save".  
Highlight the circle beside your Facebook and click "Save" 


To connect your SendTree and Twitter begin by clicking the "My Account" button after you've logged into SendTree. Then navigate to the "My Organization" tab. 

Once on the  "My Organization" page you’ll see a blue button that says “Let SendTree Post to Twitter…" Click that button

You will be redirected to Twitter's set up page. Enter your Twitter username and password and select “Authorize App”.
Log into Twitter and select "Authorize app"

Modifying Your Connections 

If you ever need to edit who can view your Facebook or Twitter posts select the “My Account” tab and then “My Organization”. Just click the “change…” button beside either Facebook or Twitter to modify your lists. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sports Teams: How to Use SendTree

SendTree can make staying connected with your team so much easier! Just log on to your SendTree list and in a matter of seconds you can send an alert, reminder, or update to everyone in your group. Whether sending meeting updates or “rainy day” notices SendTree can notify your team of the change fast. So huddle up with SendTree and knock your next get-together out of the park!

Your key audiences: 

Your team’s supporters, volunteers, and especially the players themselves will want to be included in your messaging list. Here are just a few suggestions to consider when gathering contacts for your messaging list:

  • Team players
  • Parents/caretakers  
  • Volunteers
  • Supporters

Help them to sign up:

Your team runs like a well-oiled machine. To help keep things that way you’ll want to get your teammates to join your messaging list ASAP. Check out a few of our suggestions to start spreading the word about staying connected with SendTree!

  • Introduce the SendTree program to parents and explain how the team plans to use it, and then prompt them to opt in at that time. 

  • Let players know they can get the latest updates such as logistical changes and weather notices via text messages and post the opt-in number in easy-to-find places.
  • Tell Coaches to include the SendTree list phone number in any parent or player communications so they know how they will be alerted of any practice or game reminders or alerts. Emphasize how much easier this is than the typical phone tree.
For example, you wouldn't want your team 

to miss a message like this: 

When it comes down to it, we all simply want to be heard — especially when the message is relevant. By joining SendTree you can be sure that your members are receiving important messages immediately. Click here to create your account and start your free 30 day trial today! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Great API Hack

Coming up on Friday the 22nd, Purdue Hackers and The Anvil are hosting a hackathon themed "The Great API Hack". Using big data APIs, participants will get creative and build some new and interesting software. At the end of the 24 hour event a panel will judge the creations and award prizes. SendTree will be providing $350 in cash prizes for the event.

Check out the official event posting and RSVP on facebook:

Schedule (more details coming):
Friday, Nov. 22nd
7:00pm - Arrive at The Anvil
7:30pm - Kick off
8:30pm - Tech Talk on hackathons
12:00am -Tech Talk on fun API's

Saturday, Nov. 23rd
9:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Tech Talk by Passageways
5:00pm - Dinner
6:00pm - Science fair style presentations of the hacks
6:30pm - Ending ceremony
7:15pm - PRIZES!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paying for SendTree

SendTree makes paying for your account a straightforward and effortless process. With the periodic billing feature all you have to do is save your credit card information to your account and – voila – you’re all set! Once you’ve saved your credit card information SendTree’s period billing feature takes over. Just follow these instructions to quickly enter your payment information. 

Setting Up Your Credit Card Information 

     1. Sign in to your account at

     2. Select the “my account” button (Hint: It’s in the upper right hand corner of the page).

     3. Locate and click on the “Credit Card” tab.

     4. Fill in the payment section with your credit card information and click the blue “Save changes" button. 

That was pretty simple wasn't it? Now you can carry on with more important matters - like preparing your next mobile message

Affordable: The SendTree Way

The periodic billing feature automatically charges your credit card on the billing day of each month (the day of the month when you first created your SendTree account) or whenever your balance exceeds one hundred dollars. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Adding Individual Contacts

Need to quickly add one or a few contacts to your mobile messaging list? Just follow these instructions to help guide you through the process. If you’ve got lots of recipients to add you can always upload a pre-existing list with SendTree’s import feature. Just click here for those instructions!  

How to add contacts one at a time: 

  1. Sign in to SendTree and select your SendTree account. 
    • Keep in mind that if you have more than one account with SendTree you can select a specific account to add a recipient to. 
      An example of a page with multiple accounts.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the “Add a recipient” prompt.
  3. Enter the name and number (or email) of your contact.
  4. Select if you’d like the individual to receive a text, voicemail, or email message from your organization or business.
  5. Finally, select the blue “Save recipient” button and you’re done! 

The contact will now appear in your recipient list. Congratulations on succesfully adding a contact! Now you can create messages and start communicating with your contacts.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Adding Contacts to Your Recipient List

Managing and adding contacts to your recipient list is easy and simple with SendTree. With three options to choose from Send Tree makes gathering and organizing your contact list a breeze. 
  1. Encourage members to text “JOIN” to your SendTree number.
  2. Upload a pre-existing contact list.
  3. Manually enter the contact info.

The word of the day is "JOIN"

Members can add themselves to your contact list by texting “JOIN” to your personal SendTree phone number. Your phone number is the same number you received when you signed up with SendTree.

Depending on the business, organization, or event you are promoting it may not always be appropriate to approach the “uploading process” from behind your desk. SendTree makes it easier than ever for new members to add themselves to your contact list. By advertising your phone number members will be eager to add themselves to your messaging list. And joining is just a text away!    

Get members to come to you! 

There are lots of ways to convince members to sign up for your text messaging alerts! SendTree has a solution for every business or organization. Here are just a few examples of how to promote your number:

Sales Receipts:
List SendTree information on the back of sales receipts telling customers to sign up to receive information about store promotions, sales and new arrivals.
Menus, Tables, Signage:
Promote your SendTree program by listing your SendTree list phone number(s) on menus, table tents and signage. Use QR codes to link the person directly to the SendTree signup page.

Weekly Mailers and Bullet Boards:
Include information about SendTree in a weekly mailer or on a bulletin board with an explanation of how your organization will use it.  

Importing your contact list

Reaching your audience is faster than ever with SendTree’s import option. Directions for uploading an existing contact list can be found here. 

Type them in yourself 

Whether you’re typing or copying and pasting names and numbers into your messaging list entering contacts is an effortless process with SendTree! 

After signing in to your SendTree account, select the “Recipients” tab and scroll down to the “Add a recipient” sections. 

Once you’ve entered the recipients name and phone number select “Save recipient” and you’re done. Congratulations! You've successfully added a contact to your recipient list!