Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to send a test message

If you're just getting started with SendTree, you might like a quick tutorial on how to send a message. We'll use SendTree's text messaging service to demonstrate this.

First, sign in with your SendTree account, or create an account if you don't have one yet.

After you have signed in, go to the recipients tab for your SendTree. A quick way to get there is from the "My account" menu at the top of the page. In my example I have a SendTree named "VIP Customers".

Your Recipients

Your recipients tab contains a list of all the people on your SendTree. Your very first visit to this screen will have zero recipients, and look like this:

For this tutorial, add just one recipient, yourself. Supply your name, your mobile number (a number that can receive a text message), and check the box that indicates this contact wants to get text messages.

Then click the Save recipient button.

You'll see the new contact added in the list of recipients, like this:

So we have exactly one recipient in our list. Note that we could manually add more recipients this way, or we could even upload a list of contacts.

Now we're ready to send a message. Click the blue "Send a new message" button in the upper right.

Send a Message

The screen for sending a message is very simple, and consists mostly of a space to compose your message, and a send button. Let's take a closer look at what is on this screen:

From top to bottom the arrows indicate the following areas on the screen:

  • a link to get back to the recipient list (and it tells you how many recipients there are)
  • a space to compose your message
  • a counter that shows how many more characters you could fit in the message (max 140)
  • the send button, which will send out the message to everyone on the list immediately.

For the tutorial, compose your own message, then click "Send Message". Once you send the message, you will see the deliveries screen:

If you have a long list of recipients, you can watch the deliveries as they happen. The status on the right that says "DELIVERED" will change for each recipient as they are delivered.

The deliveries screen also gives a summary of the message in the panel on the right. At the bottom of this panel are buttons that allow you to view previously sent messages and see the recipients of each message.

One sentence summary:

Add recipients on the recipients tab, then compose and send your message from the Send Message page, then watch the deliveries from the deliveries tab.

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