Sunday, September 15, 2013

Marketing tip: Get Guy Fieri to drop by

After ROAM, we took a charter bus to Rose City Food Park, which is home to 13 food carts and has a nice outdoor space with tables, restrooms, and even some tent space to eat beneath.

There was a nice variety of carts -- Indian, Soup, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, burgers, bagels, BBQ, and even food from Guam. Have you ever eaten Guamanian food before? Me neither. So that made PDX671 an easy choice for me. I was lucky to get a sampler plate. The Kelaguen Mannok was very tasty, with the right amount of tangy, lemony flavor and just enough Thai chili kick. Wow. I want to hitch it up and take this cart home.

After ordering I learned from the proprietor that Guy Fieri had recently visited and that their cart will be featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on Monday, September 16th. That will certainly bring a bit of new foot traffic to your door.

But even if Guy doesn't speak for your place, you can still send your own message. ;-)

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