Monday, September 23, 2013

How to send a voice message with SendTree

Sending Voice Messages

Did you know that SendTree can call people on the phone and play a voice message? If no one is home, the message can be left on their answering machine or voice mail. You can use SendTree exactly like a phone tree.

Have a look at the page where you compose a message:

After you click the "Record voice message" you will call your own SendTree phone number from your phone.

When you hear the greeting "Welcome to SendTree...", press the star key on your phone's keypad, and then enter your PIN.

You can hear how your written message will sound when read by machine. And then you will be prompted to record your own voice reading the message. Once you have recorded your message, an audio player will appear on your screen where you can review your outbound message.

Now when you click "Send Message", any voice recipients will receive a phone call with your recorded message.

Voice Message Recipients

How do people become voice message recipients? Simply dial your SendTree phone number, and verbal instructions are given for adding the caller to the list.

Give your SendTree phone number to anyone who wants to receive messages and they can add (or remove) themselves to the list.

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